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System Solutions

Who we are

System Solutions S.r.l. is a leading company in the creation of highly technological products to capture fine particulate, microbes, bacteria, atmospheric pollutants, in urban areas and work environments, and also offers a treatment of water revitalization integrated in the air filtering stations.

Over the years, System Solutions distinguished and established itself for the constant improvement of systems and products, with main attention at new solutions to provide specific answers to important environmental problems.
It has its legal and operative headquarters in Camposampiero (Padua, Italy).

Strength points

System Solutions has pioneered the development of technologies, products and services for air filtration and capture of air pollutants outdoor and indoorwhich was developed . The technology is the result of cooperation with leading companies of advanced technology, specialized in the field of filtration, and of collaboration with Italian Universities and Scientific Research Institutions.

The company’s technical know-how was achieved through constant, continuous and updated R&D activities.

The 10,000 m3/h hourly volume treated by System Solutions’ Filtering Stations, corresponds to the amount which 12,000 people breath, due to 20 cubic meters an adult human breathes per day [Layton, 1993; US-EPA Exposure Factors Handbook, 1999).

Air quality in the cities

The usual actions implemented by the city administrations for the improvement of the urban air (traffic limitations, alternating plates, etc.) have shown limited effectiveness for the multiplicity of factors that distribute the pollutants due to urban morphology and weather conditions. The products of System Solutions act directly on the polluted air, purifying it of pollutants.

Milan, Rome, Madrid, London, and many other large, medium and small cities, overcome the quality limits imposed by the current legislation for many days a year.

As an example, in 2017, the following days of exceeding the PM10 limits were observed in the main cities of the Veneto region:
Verona 104, Padua 102, Venice 92, Vicenza 83, Rovigo 75, Treviso 71, Belluno 23.

Air quality for the future

It is a project aimed at companies and users who strategically operate to develop a new concept of reducing fine particulate and atmospheric pollutants.
The aim is to “capture” the pollutants and the suspended particles directly in the streets, in places of greater pedestrian transit, near bus waiting stations, inside industrial builings and other nerve centers for the high citizen attendance, in order to protect the health of children, adults and workers.

Performance of System Solutions products

  • Treated air volumes: from 500 to 15,000 m3 / h.
  • Hourly power consumption between 300Wh and 5KWh according to the filtering capacity.

Features that make each product unique:

  • ability to filter 95% of all polluting and health-hazardous particles present in the air (PM10, PM 2.5, PM1 and also nano particles);
  • ability to adapt to various urban contexts for outdoor and indoor installation, both for the design of the control units (with particular attention to the landscape impact in terms of design, volumes and colors), and of quantity of the treated air flow.

Do you want to find out how the System Solutions project was born?

A solution to dramatically reduce the air pollution.

The “systemlife system” of filtering is a technology at the service of citizens to contribute to their well-being through the filtration of air and the retention of polluting particles, even the most dangerous nanoparticles.
The project contributes to the well-being of the citizen, considerably saving on the health costs of the community.
Thanks to their “green” image and their “friendly acceptance” by the citizens, these ecological platforms are used as new means of communication with the installation of high-resolution LED screens on their side.
Located in strategically in the city, they reach large amounts of public to communicate messages from the local government, as well as general information and with many content models.

Performance and Features


Treated air volumes: from 500 to 15,000 m3/h.


Ability to retain and filter 95% of all polluting and health-hazardous particles present in the air (PM10, PM 2.5, PM1, also nano particles).


Energy consumption per hour depending on the filtering capacity, however contained and included between 300Wh and 5KWh.


Capacity to adapt to various urban contexts for outdoor and indoor installation, both for the design of the station (with particular attention to the landscape impact in terms of shape, volume and colors) and in terms of quantity of treated air flow.

Effective treatment of fine dust and other atmospheric pollutants requires cross strategies. The use of System Solutions technology makes it possible to use an integrated strategy for an immediate response to the problems of urban air quality. The forecast of a certain number of filtering stations can effectively reduce particulate levels in crowdy environment. The equipment is reliable, robust, effective and of top level design. With its scientific and technical staff System Solutions is not limited to the supply of equipment but can collaborate with customers for the development of a strategic plan aimed at optimizing the effectiveness of the installations. The company is responsible for the maintenance of the machines and the disposal of the filtered pollutants, with the cooperation of certified local service companies.


Technological options

To the basic model you can add technological options to increase the performance of the filtering station, allowing:

  • the diffusion of pleasant fragrances in the air;
  • the reduction of some particular polluting gases in potentially dangerous environments;
  • sanitization and bactericidal action;
  • regulation of the outlet air temperature;
  • treatment and supply of water;
  • remote control of the installation and of the nearby territory through video surveillance;
  • the installation of “touch screen” technological panel systems to provide environmental information or to distribute targeted advertising.


All System Solutions products and devices are patented. In particular, the patents cover the following characteristics of the equipment:

  • capture the largest possible quantities of fine dust;
  • reduce the active microbial load and the nitrogen oxides;
  • help create a healthy and comfortable environment.

Research and technological development are always applied to search for integrations and refinement of patents aimed at improving the performance of the filtering station, both for outdoor installations and for innovative products for semi-finished environments, such as covered parking lots, subways, stations railway lines, etc.


All System Solutions products and devices are documented and certified:

Info and Contacts


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